DVLA Bristol

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Office Contact Number
Bristol 0844 453 0118

Before 2013, the DVLA (Driver’s and Vehicles Licencing Association) was located across 39 separate offices all over the UK. These offices often operated as the only DVLA authority in an area, and often required long travel times to reach them as they were relatively few in number. In 2013, the DVLA decided to abandon this method in favour of a more efficient one,and closed the 39 regional offices for good.

In their place, it established a single central office, in Swansea, Wales, and used the enormous amount of saved budget to update services offered and create a much more accessible, internet-based contact system. Their new online-central system makes DVLA services available anywhere in the country, and allows near-instant access to information and services that were previously much harder to reach.

If you want to contact the DVLA directly now, you’ll have to either go directly to their official website or use the DVLA contact number shown on the right.

If you need to physically visit the centralised DVLA Office in Swansea, or if you need to mail them a letter, a payment or a completed form, you can do that at the following address.

1 Sandringham Park
Ground Floor East
Swansea Vale

Why Might I Need To Contact The DVLA?

You may need to contact the DVLA for any one of a hundred reasons. Being the Governmental branch tasked with driving and vehicle licences, the DVLA is responsible for issuing and maintaining a database of driving licences, monitoring drivers and ensuring their health is adequate to allow them to drive. The DVLA is also responsible for keeping track of vehicle registration, and updating their records every time a vehicle changes hands. They are charged with ensuring road tax is paid and every driver has a valid tax disk, as well as keeping road tax evasion to a minimum.

Any driving tests, either theory or practical, must be booked and taken through the DVLA, and they issue provisional driving licences to new drivers. The DVLA are the ones who set the test curriculum and ensure all newly-qualified drivers meet the correct standards of safety and quality required to drive on the UK’s roads. If you need to get in touch with the DVLA to discuss any of the matters mentioned above, feel free to use our DVLA Enquiries line number on the right of your screen.

Who Can The DVLA Help?

The DVLA can help those who want to find out more about

  • Driving licences
  • Car tax
  • Personalised registration plates