DVLA Chelmsford

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Office Contact Number
Chelmsford 0844 453 0118

Until 2014, the DVLA was an agency operating through 39 local offices distributed across the UK. These 39 offices represented different jurisdictions and each covered their own area without much cross-communication – until December 31st, 2013, when they closed their doors for the last time and relocated to a single united central office in Swansea, Wales. This central office allowed the DVLA to streamline their services, saving huge amounts of money that could be better spent on better service for customers. This shift of focus was enabled by a more website-oriented business strategy, and a partial operation of the DVLA contact lines to allow them to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The new website and phone lines mean that no matter what time of day, a customer will always be able to reach the DVLA to resolve an issue or make use of a service, from anywhere in the UK.

If you want to contact the DVLA, you can do so by calling the DVLA Enquiries Number located on the right-hand side of this page.

DVLA Chelmsford Office Location

Previously, the Chelmsford DVLA Registered Office was located at Swift House, 18 Hoffmanns Way, in Chelmsford. This location has been shut down since the 1st of January 2014, however, and any further attempts to contact the DVLA using the old address will be unsuccessful.

The location of the new central DVLA office is 1 Sandringham Park, Ground Floor East, Swansea Vale, Llansamlet, SA6 8AJ. You can send any mail, completed forms or application letters and cheques to this address, and they will reach the DVLA headquarters. Whichever part of the UK you are in, the Swansea office is the DVLA location you want.

When Would I Need To Ring The DVLA?

The DVLA are the primary Government branch working with driving, licencing and vehicle registration in the UK. As such, you may need to get in touch with them to arrange issue of a provisional or full driving licence, or to notify them of a vehicle changing hands so they can update their vehicle registration database. The DVLA also needs to be notified if you have a medical condition that may impair your ability to drive, or if you wish to order a custom licence plate for your vehicle.

If you are booking a driving practical or theory test, you will need to do so through the DVLA, and they will award you the relevant qualification and licence upon completion.

If you need to get in touch with the DVLA today, call the on the DVLA contact number found on the right-hand side of this page.