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Office Contact Number
Edinburgh 0844 453 0118

Local DVLA offices, such as the DVLA office in Edinburgh, have all been officially closed. All of the services offered at this office will now be available at the DVLA’s new Head Office in Swansea. The move was made to save money and provide more services on a bigger scale. It was also done to make their current system more digital and online compared to regional offices, which focused on paper-based services. The Edinburgh DVLA office was one of 39 offices which made up the DVLA’s Local Office Network. If you still wish to contact the DVLA, please click the link or ring the DVLA number, which can be seen to the right side of the screen.

DVLA Edinburgh Office Location

Ex – DVLA Registered Office, Wallace House, Lochside Avenue, Edinburgh, EH12 9DJ

The location of the new and main DVLA Head Office is 1 Sandringham Park, Ground Floor East, Swansea Vale, Llansamlet, SA6 8AJ.

Why Would I Need Help From The DVLA?

You could need help from the DVLA for a variety of reasons. These are the main areas the DVLA supports:

  • Driving licences
  • Car tax
  • Personalised registration plates
  • Information on changing a photograph on your license
  • Information on Blue Badges and how to qualify for one

More Information About DVLA Edinburgh

The DVLA is responsible for all vehicles and users of the road. They maintain a database of both drivers and vehicles in the UK, as well as be responsible for issuing car tax, driving licences and selling personalised registration plates. The local DVLA offices were closed at the end of 2013, to save money for the DVLA and place a more central role on the authority. They now offer a more digital approach to road tax and license, with a lot of services online, requiring no paperwork or long queues for road users waiting for a service which could have easily been achieved in 10 minutes online. All of the mail sent to the old Edinburgh office will be forwarded by the new Head Office in Swansea and processed accordingly.

If you are wishing to apply for a personalised license plate from the DVLA, you can send your application to change your plate to their Swansea Head Office, and you should receive a receipt and any helpful documents within 10 working days of sending. Any customers wishing to tax their vehicle, they can head over the DVLA official website and follow the step by step guide there.