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Office Contact Number
Glasgow 0844 453 0118

After making the decision to close all local offices in the UK and open a Head Office in Swansea, the unfortunate decision was made to close the DVLA Glasgow office and move over personnel in December 2013. If you are still wishing to find out about information about the DVLA or wish to contact the DVLA for any reason, the number can be found to the right of the screen. The DVLA Glasgow office was one of 39 offices in the UK to offer services to the UK public. However, now these services have all been moved to the Swansea Head Office.

DVLA Glasgow Office Location

Ex-DVLA Registered Office, 46 West Campbell Street, Glasgow, G2 6TT

The location of the new main DVLA office is 1 Sandringham Park, Ground Floor East, Swansea Vale, Llansamlet, SA6 8AJ.

Who Would Need Help From The DVLA?

People who might need assitance from the DVLA include those who:

  • Want to attain a driving licence
  • Want to ask about about car tax
  • Want to enquire about personalised registration plates
  • Would like information on Blue Badges and how to apply for one
  • Would like information on other services offered by the DVLA, such as personalised license plates.

More Information About the DVLA in Glasgow

The DVLA is responsible for all users of the road. They offer support with services such as driving licences, car tax and personalised registration plates, as well as many other areas. The DVLA’s Local Office Network was closed down at the end of 2013, in a bid to save money and create a larger Head Office in which to house all the services they offered in their local offices. A lot of services offered by the DVLA are now digital and can be achieved online, without the need to visit an office. The DVLA also have social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, which can be found if you search for the DVLA on the respective sites.

The old building which housed the DVLA in Glasgow is thought to be under construction to become a chain hotel brand. Jack, a member of DVLA Glasgow, lost his job at the DVLA and now works for the post office. He told us that “it was pleasure working for the DVLA, you would see the same faces over months and gradually make friends with them. I’m glad I have that in my new job, too”. For any queries on services provided by the DVLA, please contact them at their Swansea Office.