DVLA London

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0844 453 0118

Office Contact Number
London 0844 453 0118

The DVLA London office closed on the 13th December 2013. All of the services the office provided were centralised to the DVLA Swansea office and the DVLA website. As a result, if you need to contact the DVLA, you can find the contact number here.

DVLA London Office Location

DVLA Registered Office, Units 2 & 3, Elstree Gate, Elstree Way, London Borehamwood, WD6 1JD

Why would I need to contact the DVLA London?

  • To apply, renew or change your driving licence.
  • To book a theory test.
  • To enquire about HGV qualifications.
  • To apply for vehicle paperwork, such as a logbook.
  • To tax your vehicle or declare it as SORN.

About DVLA London

The DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) is responsible for administering driver licences and road legislations. Until the 13th December 2013, the DVLA had a network of 39 local offices, including one in Borehamwood, colloquially known as the DVLA London. The DVLA London office had a number of responsibilities such as face to face processing of driving licence applications, registering new cars, processing vehicle excise duty payments and vehicle imports/exports. However, since the above date, the services are no longer available locally. Instead, applications and payments must be made to the central DVLA office which is located in Swansea. There are a number of ways to deal with the DVLA; you can visit your local Post Office branch, call the contact number on this website or online. Increasingly, a number of DVLA related services are becoming available online. Most recently, a controversial move was made to get rid of the paper counterpart licence, where information about your qualifications and penalty points would be stored. Now, you can view this type of licence information online, by using the DVLA ‘view/share driving licence’ service.

Up until the point of closure, the offices were still accepting paperwork and payments. The paperwork was sent to the Swansea office and processed there, rather than in the London branch. This meant customers were met with delays between 10 days and 3 weeks. Employee Doug Mills said at the time that the delay was ‘regrettable’ but the team were working ‘really hard’ to clear the backlog ahead of the office closing.

The DVLA London offices were located in Borehamwood. The office building is still currently up for rent. Features of the building include car parking spaces, heating and air conditioning, a kitchen, double glazed windows and shower facilities, making it perfect for a company looking to base themselves in the London area.