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Office Contact Number
Manchester 0844 453 0118

On Friday 13th December 2013, the DVLA Manchester office closed down and all services were centralised to the Head Office in Swansea. As a result, you now need to ring the number above for all DVLA related enquiries.

DVLA Manchester Office Location

DVLA Registered Office, Trafford House, Chester Road, Manchester, M32 0SL

Reasons to call the DVLA

  • To apply for a new driving licence.
  • To make a booking for your practical or theory test.
  • To report a medical condition which could affect your ability to drive.
  • To change, renew or replace a driving licence.
  • To declare a vehicle as SORN.
  • To make a complaint to the DVLA.

About DVLA Manchester

The DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) is a Government depart which is responsible for overseeing driving licences and other road regulations. Until the 13th December 2013, DVLA Manchester was one of 39 local offices which you could visit to experience a face to face service when dealing with DVLA-related queries. However, the DVLA made the decision to cut costs and centralise all of the services that it provides, redirecting customers to the Swansea office.

The Manchester office provided a range of services such as registering new vehicles and issuing logbooks, payment of vehicle excise duty, application of trade licences for motor traders, application for vehicles to be inspected and lastly, a premium rate checking service for all new driving licence applications. Up until the final day of business, Manchester staff were still processing applications, taking payments and accepting paperwork. All paperwork was forwarded onto the Swansea office, which resulted in customers having to wait for up to three weeks. Customers were annoyed, as the face to face service was generally considered to be much quicker than sending away paperwork in the post. Desk clerk Liam Topp said that the last few weeks ahead of closure were ‘hectic’ but all the staff worked ‘tirelessly’ to get everything done, so that the last day could be used to pack away the office.

Instead of visiting local offices, you have a range of options for DVLA services. To pay your vehicle tax or have a driving licence application checked before you send it off, you can visit your local Post Office- over 4,000 branches provide this service. You can also go online to renew your licence, pay vehicle tax or book a theory test. Lastly, you can always call the DVLA contact number found at the top of the page.