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Office Contact Number
Preston 0844 453 0118

The DVLA Preston office closed on the 13th December 2013. Now, if you live in this area and you need to contact the DVLA, you will have to contact the central Swansea office. You can find the number on this page.

DVLA Preston Office Location

DVLA Registered Office, Fulwood Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9NZ

Reasons to call the DVLA Preston:

  • To apply for a provisional driving licence or to renew an existing one.
  • To pay your Vehicle Excise Duty.
  • To enquire about obtaining a Personalised number plate.
  • To register a European vehicle if it has been in the UK for over six months.
  • To apply for a vehicle logbook.
  • To report a medical condition which may affect your ability to drive.

 About DVLA Preston

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is a Govermental department responsible for keeping records of drivers in the UK and administering road rules, such as tax. Up until the 13th of December 2013, which was ominously a Friday, the DVLA had a local office in Preston. DVLA Preston was part of a network of 39 local offices where you could visit to access a range of DVLA services. The DVLA reached a decision to close the local office network and focus on centralising the services to the head office in Swansea, whilst also making the agency more digitally focused.

The Preston office provided a range of face to face services, such as the registration of new vehicles, issuing logbooks to new vehicle owners, paying vehicle excise duty (road tax) and declaring a vehicle as off the road and checking a driving licence application. Until the final day of business at the Preston office, the staff were still able to accept paperwork and payment. All the paperwork was forwarded to the head office at Swansea; meaning customers faced delays of up to three weeks. Ex staff member Jade Cupp said that the staff were working ‘super hard’ to clear the paperwork and ensure that customers did not have to wait too long before their queries were solved.

Instead of being able to visit your local DVLA office, you have an number of alternative ways to access DVLA services. If you want to have your driving licence application overlooked before you submit it, visit your local Post Office who will be able to do this for you. To renew your vehicle tax, you can go online. You can also call the DVLA contact number on this page.