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0844 453 0118

Office Contact Number
Sidcup 0844 453 0118

The office was part of the DVLA’s Local Office Network, and all services offered there have since been moved online and to their central Head Office location in Swansea. To contact the DVLA  for any enquiries you wish to make, you can follow the link or ring the number seen to the right of the screen.

DVLA Sidcup Location

Ex-DVLA Registered Office, 12 to 18 Station Road, Sidcup, DA15 7EQ

The location of the new main DVLA office is 1 Sandringham Park, Ground Floor East, Swansea Vale, Llansamlet, SA6 8AJ.

Why Would I Need Help From The DVLA?

You might need DVLA assistance if you have a problem with your

  • Driving licence and how to either pay for one or update an existing one.
  • Enquire about car tax and how to pay it to the DVLA
  • Personalised registration plate
  • Information on Blue Badge displays and how to apply for them
  • Information on applying for other licenses and badges

More Information About DVLA Sidcup

The DVLA is an authority of the Government that is responsible for all vehicles and road users. They provide support with services such as:

  • Driving licences and how to pay and apply for them
  • Car tax, showing how much you owe and how to pay them
  • Personalised registration plates,which can be validated by them online or by post when sent to their Head Office in Swansea.

The agency originally had 39 offices based around the UK, making up a Local Office Network; however, they were made more centralised in the DVLA’s new Swansea Head Office after December 2013, in a bid to save money and become more of a digital company. Services that were offered at the DVLA Sidcup office are now available widely on their website, and enquiring at their Head Office by ringing the number to the right of the screen.

It’s unsure what is to become of the old DVLA offices in Sidcup, however, there are rumors of a few brand shops and restaurants interested in the building for it’s location. We will update this page with more information when and if we know more. Until then, for any enquiries, the number to the right of the screen will take you to the DVLA helpline, where someone can help you find information on the service you need, whether it be to pay your road tax, or for information on purchasing personalised license plates.