DVLA Wimbledon

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Office Contact Number
Wimbledon 0844 453 0118

Connect House, 133-137 Alexandra Rd, London SW19 7JY

Reasons to call the DVLA:

  • To renew or change your driving licence, such as your name or address.
  • To report a medical condition to the DVLA which could affect your driving.
  • To pay your vehicle tax.
  • To request a logbook for a new vehicle.
  • To find out more about the process of hiring a car in the UK/Europe.

 About DVLA Wimbledon

The DVLA Wimbledon office closed on the 13th December 2013. Before the office closed, it dealt with the registration of new vehicles, transferring personalised registration plates between vehicles, payment of vehicle tax or assistance with declaring a vehicle off the road, applications for a vehicle to be inspected by a professional and assistance with vehicle importing or exporting. The staff at the Wimbledon office could also assist you in checking over your licence application before you submit it.

Up until the DVLA Wimbledon office closed, they were still accepting paperwork and taking payments for new vehicle registrations and the transfer of private registration plates. However, the paperwork had to be transferred to the central Swansea office, so customers were experiencing delays of up to three weeks. However, one employee, Susan Lee from the DVLA Wimbledon office said that the backlog was due to elderly customers who wanted to avoid having to do their DVLA-related business online or over the phone, as they preferred the face to face interaction of visiting the local office.

The DVLA Wimbledon office was located in Connect House, Wimbledon. It was located in the centre of Wimbledon’s business district and it was convenient for employees as it was right next to the train station and had a bus stop outside. The building is still in use by other companies including WSM Partners accountants, Morrisons solicitors and Vavatec Limited, an audio visual equipment retailer. The building has air conditioning, toilets with shower facilities and a large volume of parking spaces for employees to access.

Instead of using the DVLA Wimbledon office, there are a number of options available to you. They include going online, visiting your local Post Office branch or calling the DVLA Swansea contact number which you can find on this page.