What is the average cost of driving lessons?

Driving lesson costs can certainly rack up with the more of them that are needed, and when you add the cost of taking your theory and practical driving tests, it’s definitely a big expenditure to get on the road.driving lesson

Knowing the average cost of a driving lesson in 2020 can help to ensure that you’re not paying over the odds for your driving lessons, and can mean that you save hundreds of pounds whilst you learn to drive.

The DVSA states that in the UK the average price for a driving lesson is £24 an hour, but this is dependent on where you live in the UK, as prices can rise to £30 an hour if you’re in London.

Typically it will take the average learner 47 hours of lessons before they pass their test, which gives you an average cost of £1,128 for your driving lessons alone, you’ll of course need to factor in the price of taking your theory and practical driving exams too.

Saving money on your driving lessons

It’s a daunting sum of money when you realise how much it’s going to cost to just get you on the road, never mind the car and insurance expense when you finally pass your test. But there are definitely options that you can consider to help you save money on your driving lessons.

If you make a block booking with your instructor, or two-hour lesson slots, this can sometimes give you a discount – but this of course varies from instructor to instructor. If you’re looking to make a block booking though, ensure that you feel comfortable with your instructor first before you make one.

It might be worth calling around a few different instructors too, you can see if there are any differences in their lesson prices as instructors set their own prices.

Driving courses are another way to save money in the long run, yes they’re expensive up front, but the intensive course means that you can be driving in around a week or two. You’ll most likely spend a huge chunk of the day driving, at least five hours, so consider this before you sign up.

The cheapest way to pass your driving test

If you’re really looking to save money when taking your driving lessons, private practise is the best option for you. You will need to of course get L-plates on the car, as well as insurance that covers learner drivers. Don’t worry though, the price is extremely reasonable.

Private practise can really help to cut down on the hours needed with an instructor, which will obviously save you money on each lesson. So, if you can get those private hours in with a licensed driver who has a degree of patience, especially at the beginning.

How driving lesson prices vary

Driving lesson prices can vary from £20 to £20 and there are a number of different reasons why they do.

It comes down to the instructor who sets the price for their individual lessons. Their demand and years of experience can also be a factor in what they charge.

Choosing to learn to drive an automatic car typically costs more than learning to drive a manual transmission type too.

Where you live can also be a factor in your driving lesson price. As you can probably imagine, learning to drive in London is going to be a lot more expensive than learning to drive up North.

The cheaper the better?

It’s important to remember that while keeping the costs low can help your bank balance, you really need to consider why a driving instructor might be charging such low prices. You want an instructor that is fully qualified and knows how best to teach someone how to drive. If not you might spend more money over time because it takes multiple lessons to cover one topic.