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Beverley DVLA Office

DVLA Registered Office, Crosskill House, Mill Lane, Beverley, North Humberside, HU17 9JW

The Beverley DVLA office in East Yorkshire terminated business at the end of 2013. Following a consultation on the future of the agency, the DVLA chose to pursue technological advances. This led to the digitalizing of the service, moving online and centralizing the processing with a solitary head office location. As a consequence, every last one of the DVLA’s regional offices closed during a phasing out period of 3 months.

Since the Beverley DVLA ceased to operate, customers must go elsewhere to resolve DVLA matters. The building does still serve the public in the form of Beverley Jobcentre Plus. Crosskill House also holds offices for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). However, the ground floor office suite previously belonging to the DVLA remains unoccupied and available for lease with PH Commercial.


Contact the Main DVLA Office

DVLA, Longview Road, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 7JL

During the transition to the new DVLA service, the Beverley office forwarded mail and paperwork to the head office in Swansea. These days any postal correspondence should be addressed directly to the Swansea DVLA office, using the details available here.

Any time when you need some quick guidance on a DVLA-related issue, just call DVLA customer services. Dial the number shown above in green, or look through the numbers on the main page for the specific one you want. They may direct you to the government provided website, where you can use online DVLA services. Sometimes you might find it more convenient to pop into an office and speak to somebody in person, though – which is where the Post Office comes in. Many branches offer services on behalf of the DVLA, such as renewing licenses and paying for vehicle tax.