How To… Book Your Practical Driving Test

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You can use the online booking facilities to arrange your practical driving test, a riding test or the approved driving instructor part 2 and 3 tests. You can use the service from 6am till 11:40pm.

In order to arrange your practical driving test, you must have passed your theory test (if you haven’t have a read of our top driving theory test tips here). However, you don’t need to have completed your theory test if you are looking to sit a:

  • Lady DrivingTaxi test
  • Tractor test
  • Test to upgrade from an automatic licence to a manual one
  • Test to move through the bike categories (progressive access)
  • Car and trailer test
  • Lorry and trailer test
  • Bus and trailer test
  • Large lorry test, if you have a medium lorry licence
  • Large bus test, if you have a medium bus licence

You have to take your test in English, Welsh or British Sign Language. It is not possible to take a foreign language interpreter on your driving test.

To book your test online, you will need:

  • Your British or Northern Ireland driving licence number
  • A credit or debit card

You don’t need to have your Driving Instructors personal reference number, but if you do happen to have a copy of it, you can use it to check if they are available for the time period you are booking your test for.

If you are looking to book an “upgrade” test, such as progressing from an automatic transmission to a manual or a medium sized lorry to a large lorry, you will need to make your booking by phone.

Online Booking Process

The online process of arranging your practical driving test lasts for around 15 minutes in total, providing you have all of the required information.

ComputerYou will need to have your driving licence number. This is found on your driving licence and it is different depending on where your licence has been issued:

  • For Great Britain licence holders, you will find it on line 5 of your driving licence and it is 16 characters long. It usually begins with the first 5 letter of your surname and follows the format ABCDE123456AB1AB
  • For licence holders from Northern Ireland, it is made up of 8 numbers
  • If you have a European community licence, you will need to enter the number that is shown on your British counterpart licence

If you are a disqualified driver or rider, it is possible for a court to order a candidate to go back to being a learner driver and take an extended test. The test lasts for twice as long as a normal standard test and the candidate needs to pass another theory exam before submitting to take the practical test. If this applies to you and you need to book an extended test, you must indicate this when prompted during the booking process.

You can also indicate if you have any special requirements, such as a Welsh speaking examiner. The other things you can inform them about are:

  • If you are heavily pregnant
  • If you have any conditions that restricts or limits your movements in your arms, legs or body
  • If you are dyslexic
  • If you suffer from epilepsy
  • If you have any missing limbs
  • If you are paraplegic
  • If you have any special learning or educational requirements
  • If you have a condition that doesn’t restrict or limit the movement in your arms, legs or body
  • If you are hard of hearing
  • If you are profoundly deaf