Change Your Address On Your Driving Licence

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StreetBefore You Start the Changing Your Address Process:

Before you call 0844 453 0118 and start to change your address on your driving licence, you will need to:

  • Have both parts of your driving licence
  • Be considered a resident of Great Britain
  • Be able to give addresses of where you have lived for the last 3 years
  • Have a valid British passport or another form of identity
  • If you know it, your National Insurance Number
  • Not have been disqualified from driving for any reason

Change of Address Contact Number

Department Contact Number
Change of Address on Driving Licence 0844 453 0118

If you also want to change your name as well as your address, you need to make the application via post.If your moving abroad, you will need to contact the driving licence authority in your new country to change your address, as this cannot be registered on your British address.

Application Process

Online Application
If you apply online, your updated licence should arrive within a week.To change your address online, you need to visit the government’s Motoring site. There is no cost and you will need to use your Government Gateway ID.If you don’t already have a Government Gateway ID or find that you need to re-register, you are able to get an ID as a part of your application.When you are working through the online application process, you should make sure:

  • You don’t use the back, forwards or refresh buttons on your browser. You should use the buttons that are displayed at the bottom of each screen and you only need to click these once
  • You have all the relevant documents to hand that are described above, as the service will time out if it is not used for extended periods of time
  • The details that you enter are your own, as you can’t apply for a driving licence for someone else

Driving LicenceWhat Is The Government Gateway?

The Government Gateway is a website that allows users to securely access government services in an easy manner. Your Government Gateway ID can also be used for:

  • Self Assessments
  • PAYE Internet Services for Employers
  • Electronic VAT Returns

When you have registered you will be able to access a range of online government facilities.

Postal Application
There are different methods for changing your address on your driving licence by post, depending on the type of licence you have. If you opt to make an application by post, it may take up to 3 weeks for you to receive your new licence.

Photocard Driving Licence
If you have a photocard driving licence, you will need to complete the ‘changes’ section on your paper part. Once you have done this, you need to sign it and date it.Then, you need to send both parts of your licence — your card and paper part — to:DVLA
SA99 1BN

Paper Driving Licence
If you have a paper driving licence you will need to send the DVLA:

  • A completed D1 form known as an ‘Application for a driving licence’ for car and motorbike licences
    • Or a completed D2 form, called an ‘Application for a lorry/bus licence’ for bus and lorry licences
  • You driving licence
  • Original documents that can be used to confirm your identity
  • A passport photo