What is a DVLA check code and how to obtain one?

The DVLA check code has replaced the paper counterpart to the UK driving licence, and you can view this online quite simply by providing a few details.

The DVLA check code can be used to access the DVLA database which gives you information in relation to your driving license, as well as being able to share this information with employers or car hire companies.

When you access the database using your DVLA check code you can use this service to:

  •         Look at your driving record, such as the vehicles you can drive
  •         Check any penalty points that are on your license, or disqualifications you might have
  •         Create a licence ‘check code’ which allows you to share your driving record with other people, such as a car hire company

How to obtain your DVLA check code

You can access a DVLA check code by visiting the Gov.uk website. When you visit the website you will need to provide some details to be given a code.

You will need to provide your:

  •         Driving licence number
  •         National Insurance number
  •         The postcode that is on your driving licence

When the code is generated, you can use it for 21 days. After this the code will expire.

The check code can only be used once, to ensure the privacy of the driver too. If another check is needed, you will have to request another code.

Step-by-step for obtaining your DVLA Check Code

If you need to attain a DVLA check code, just follow the simple steps to do so below. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

  1.       Access the Gov.uk/view-driving-licence website
  2.       Click on the green Start Now button
  3.       Provide your Driving licence number, your National Insurance number and the postcode that is on your driving licence
  4.       You’ll be taken straight through to your information. On the homepage you’ll see a summary of all of your details
  5.       There are four tabs to choose from, the first being your details, then the vehicles you can drive, followed by your penalties and disqualifications and lastly the tab to get your check code
  6.       Click on the green button Get a Code
  7.       A code will then pop up straight away

The code is case sensitive, can only be used once and is valid for 21 days.

If you need to share your licence information with a car hire company or an employer you will need to give them access to the code, and the last eight characters of your driving licence number.