DVLA Swansea

0300 790 6801

Department Opening Hours
DVLA Swansea 9am-5pm
Car Registrations 9am-5pm
Vehicle Tax 9am-5pm

Why Would I Ring The DVLA Swansea Contact Number?

The DVLA Head Office is based in Swansea, you can ring the contact number. If you have any enquiries about the services the DVLA provides.

Your questions might include:

  • Can I buy my car tax over the phone?
  • What can I do if I find myself having difficulty using the DVLA’s online services?
  • What should I do if I have a problem with my car tax?
  • What should I do if my driving licence gets damaged, lost or stolen?
  • How do I change my name on my driving licence?
  • How do I find out if I am eligible for a Blue Badge permit?
  • How do I inform the DVLA of a medical condition that could impact on my driving?

What Is The DVLA Swansea Office Responsible For?

The DVLA Swansea Office is the headquarters for the DVLA. It was built in 1967 and is an impressive 16 story building in the Clase area, with additional offices in Swansea Vale.

Following the closure of the 39 offices that formed the original local office network around the country, all the DVLA’s work has now been fully centralised in Swansea.

At their Swansea headquarters, the DVLA maintains a database of road users and vehicles as well as being in charge of administering driving licences and blue badge permits. They also collect car tax payments.

If you wish to contact the DVLA Swansea, there are different postcodes for the department you require. Please make sure you have the correct one on your envelope or you run the risk of delaying how fast your query will be dealt with.

Services Offered By The DVLA Swansea Team

The DVLA Swansea team can provide assistance with the range of services the DVLA provides. This includes:

  • Car tax
  • Driving licences
  • Personalised registration plates
  • Blue badge permits

There are many other services provided by the DVLA too. You will find that you will need to speak to the DVLA Swansea team if you have any medical conditions that impact on your driving ability or have incorrectly paid your car tax. If you have any queries, you should use the DVLA Swansea Contact Number and someone will be able to help you.

DVLA Background

The DVLA was first established back in 1965 as a network of local offices which were responsible for administering a database of local drivers and their vehicles. At one stage, there were 180 local offices but in 2013, the decision was made to centralise the DVLA’s services to Swansea. The DVLA is a Government department located within the Department for Transport. The DVLA has a range of responsibilities, from enforcing vehicle tax to registering vehicles which have been in the UK for more than six months. The DVLA’s jurisdiction extends across the UK but it is not active in Northern Ireland, where driving laws and rules are overseen by the Driver and Vehicle Agency, or DVA.

If you would like to hear more about the DVLA’s responsibilities, you can visit the DVLA website or call the DVLA Swansea contact number.

DVLA Swansea Address

Since the DVLA has relocated all it’s offices to Swansea it has a very large presence there, consequently, if you want a specific department you will need to use a different postcode as seen below.

Address Postcode Service
DVLA Swansea SA99 1AH Enforcements related
SA99 1AR V890 and V11
SA99 1BA V5C Changes
SA99 1BD Disposals into Trade (V5/3)
SA99 1BE First Registrations (V55/1,2,4,5)
SA99 1BN Replacement driving licences
SA99 1BP Vehicle and driver record enquiries
SA99 1DH Driving Licence Renewal
SA99 1DP Personalised Registrations (Motor Trade)
SA99 1DS Personalised Registrations (Public)
SA99 1DZ Trade licensing and general licensing

DVLA Swansea Number

The DVLA Swansea office is responsible for administering all DVLA services since the closure of local offices back in 2013. This includes managing the database of drivers across the UK and information about vehicles and enforcing the rules of the road, such as vehicle tax and speeding fines. If you need assistance with taxing your vehicle, applying for a provisional driving licence, ordering a replacement licence or registering a car, you can call the DVLA Swansea number on this page to speak to a member of the DVLA customer service team.

DVLA Swansea Driving Licence

If you wish to drive a car, moped or motorbike, you’ll need a provisional licence to begin learning. To apply, you’ll need to be a British resident and have a passport or another form of identity. It costs £34 to apply for a provisional licence online and it should arrive within seven days.

You can get your provisional licence when you are almost 16- you must be 16 to drive a moped/light quad bike and 17 to drive a car. However, if you have mobility issues and claim the enhanced rate of Personal Independence Payment, you may be able to start learning when you’re 16. You should contact the DVLA Swansea for clarification on this.

DVLA Swansea Number Plates

There are over 45 million different number plate combinations available to buy online, but you must ensure that they adhere to the DVLA guidelines. The current format for number plates is made up of two letters which link to the office where the plate was issued, two numbers to indicate when it was issued and then three letters which are chosen at random. If you don’t display your number plates in the correct way, your car could fail its MOT test and you could be fined up to £1000.

DVLA Swansea Change of Address

It’s important to remember to tell the DVLA that you have changed the address. It helps to ensure your tax and licence are up-to-date. It’s free to change your address on your driving licence and if you don’t, you will be risking a fine of up to £1000. You’ll need to update your address on your driving licence, vehicle logbook and a digital tachograph card if your current card has your address written on it.