Find Out If A Car Is Taxed

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With the changes to car tax that took place in October 2014, it is likely that it will be more difficult to keep track of your car tax payments, as you won’t have that handy little paper disc displayed in your front windscreen (or you shouldn’t have by now).

How Do I Find Out If My Car Is Taxed Now?

Tax Disc 0You can do this by simply calling 0844 453 0118 and asking a member of the customer service team.

However if you want to try a different method, luckily enough, the nice people at have come up with a pretty easy solution- you can check if you vehicle is taxed online. All you will need to have to hand is the registration of your vehicle and its make. You can also input your V5C document reference number if you want to, but this is not required. If you put it in, you will be able to also check the rates of vehicle tax for your car too.

The system allows you to check when your MOT expires as well, which is useful if you don’t tend to keep track of these sorts of things. You can also find out:

  • The date your car was first registered
  • The year it was manufactured
  • The vehicle’s cylinder capacity
  • Co2 Emissions
  • What type of fuel it uses
  • The status of the vehicle (i.e. if tax is due or not)
  • The colour of the vehicle
  • Vehicle type approval
  • What it’s wheelplan is
  • The car’s revenue weight

What To Do If You Find Incorrect Details

If you run the check and find that it has got incorrect details about your vehicle or registration plate, you should write to:

SA99 1BA

Tax Disc 1Please make sure you include the incorrect V5C registration certificate, so it can be amended.

If your issue is with the details about your MOT and the vehicle is registered to an address in Great Britain, you will need to contact the DSA. If the vehicle is registered to an address in Northern Ireland, you will need to get in contact with DVAT or look on the NI Direct website.

About The Online Service To Check If A Vehicle Is Taxed

This service is relatively new and is currently running in the beta stages. This means that if you use it, you are experiencing the first version of this particular service and they shouldn’t cause you any difficulty.

However, as it is still in the beta phase, there is a chance that may look to gather feedback and data to allow them to make improvements. Eventually, if the beta service is successful, it will become live and replace any similar older services.