How Do DVLA Points Affect Your Car Insurance?

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DVLA points, also known as penalty points, can significantly impact your car insurance premiums. The effect varies depending on the severity of the offence, existing points on your licence, and the insurer you choose. Generally, three penalty points on your driving licence can increase your insurance premiums by about 5-10%.

  • Three Penalty Points: Generally speaking, having three penalty points on your driving licence will affect your insurance premiums by about 5-10%.
  • Six Penalty Points: Six points on your licence could increase your insurance by at least £400 and restrict the number of insurers willing to cover you.
  • Nine Penalty Points: With nine points, insurance premiums can significantly increase, although the exact percentage was not specified.
  • 25% Increase with Six Points: Having 6 points on your licence could increase your car insurance by 25%, which in some cases could be more than £200.
  • 100% Increase with Six Points: Six penalty points on a driving licence can often increase insurance costs by at least 100%.

Factors That Influence the Increase in Premiums

Severity of the Offence

The more serious the driving offence, the higher the increase in your insurance premiums. Offences can range from speeding and driving without insurance to more severe cases like drink driving.

Existing Points

If you already have points on your licence, any additional points will further increase your insurance premiums. Insurers consider drivers with multiple points as high-risk, leading to higher costs.

Choice of Insurer

Different insurers have different policies when it comes to penalty points. It’s advisable to use comparison websites like Compare the Market and Go Compare to find the best coverage for your situation.

Types of Offences and Penalty Points

Penalty points, sometimes referred to as endorsements, are added to your driving record for various offences. These can include:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving a car with a flat tyre

The more severe the offence, the more points you’ll receive. These points usually stay on your record for four years but can affect your insurance for a longer period.

How Long Do Points Stay on Your Record?

Penalty points generally stay on your driving record for four years. However, the offence itself can remain on your record for up to 11 years, depending on its severity. Car insurers usually consider driving offences spent after five years.

Special Considerations for Convicted Drivers

If you have been disqualified from driving, you can still get insurance once you’ve served your ban. You may need to take extra steps like adding security systems to your car or considering a black box that reports safe driving to your insurer.

How to Check Your Penalty Points

You can check the number of penalty points on your driving licence by visiting the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) information service on the government website. You’ll need your driving licence number, National Insurance number, and postcode.