How to Check How Many Points are on your Driving Licence

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What You’ll Need

Before you proceed, make sure you have the following:

  • Your driving licence number
  • Your National Insurance number
  • The postcode on your driving licence

Steps to Check Your Penalty Points

Step 1: Visit the DVLA Website

Navigate to the DVLA’s “View or share your driving licence information” page.

Step 2: Understand the Services Offered

The DVLA website allows you to:

  • View your driving record, including the vehicles you can drive
  • Check your penalty points or disqualifications
  • Create a licence ‘check code’ to share your driving record with someone, like a car hire company

Step 3: Start the Process

Click on the “Start now” button to begin. The check code generated will be valid for 21 days.

Step 4: Enter Required Information

You’ll need to input your driving licence number, National Insurance number, and the postcode on your driving licence.

Step 5: View Your Record

Once you’ve entered the required information, you’ll be able to view your driving record, including any penalty points or disqualifications.

Additional Information

  • This service is only available if your licence was issued in England, Wales, or Scotland.
  • It’s a criminal offence to obtain someone else’s personal information without their permission.


Checking your penalty points is a straightforward process that can be done online via the DVLA website. It’s an essential part of being a responsible driver and can help you avoid further complications down the line.


1. How often should you check your driving record?

Regular checks can help you stay aware of your driving status and take corrective actions if needed.

2. What are the implications of accumulating too many penalty points?

Accumulating too many points can lead to severe consequences, including the revocation of your driving licence.

3. Can someone else check your driving record for you?

According to the DVLA, it’s a criminal offence to obtain someone else’s personal information without their permission. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your driving record confidential.