Category: List of Local DVLA Offices in the UK

Are you looking for your nearest local DVLA office? Below you can see that we have the telephone number and address of all the major branches throughout the UK.

The majority of the individual UK offices were closed down in 2013, however, you can still find the relevant contact numbers and address of the old branches.

Why You May Need to Locate Your Nearest Local DVLA Office?

There are many reasons why people may call their local DVLA office, but some of the main issues people call to discuss are:

  • Questions relating to parking penalties
  • Applying for a blue disability badge
  • Booking or rearranging a theory driving test
  • Booking or rearranging a practical driving test
  • Renewing your car tax (although this can also be done online)
  • Finding information about if medical conditions will impair your driving

If you need to contact the DVLA telephone number you can call on the following number: 0844 453 0118

The numbers will connect you to the head office of DVLA

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Centre
Long View Rd,
West Glamorgan
SA6 7JL,
United Kingdom