Make A SORN Declaration

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DVLA SORN Contact Number:

Department Contact Number
SORN Helpline 0844 826 8333


What is a SORN Declaration?

You would make a Statutory Off Road Notification, also known as a SORN declaration if you don’t use or keep your vehicle on a public road. An example of this would be keeping it in a garage, on your drive or on private land.

By making a SORN declaration, you don’t have to purchase a tax disc.

StreetOnline Using The Beta Service

What Is A Beta Service?

A beta service is something that is not fully completed but it can still do what it is designed to provide. They are usually available at the same time as an older version, giving you the chance to choose whichever you prefer.

The point of beta services is to be easier to use than the service they are replacing. You shouldn’t find yourself facing any problems using a beta service.

Eventually, beta services will replace the older services that perform the same task and there is always a chance that the beta service will be replaced again. This is because GOV.UK services are updated as a result of user feedback.

Using The Beta Service To Make A SORN Declaration

You will need to have either your 16 digit reference number off your tax disc renewal letter (V11) or the 11 digit reference number form your log book (V5C)

Online Using The Original Service

To use the original service to make a SORN you will still need to have either the 16 digit reference number that is displayed on your tax disc renewal letter or the 11 digit reference number that you will find in your log book.

As well as the 11 digit reference number, you will need the vehicle registration mark, which should be entered without spaces.

Holding Phone ReceiverOver The Phone

If you would prefer to, you can also make a Statutory Off Road Notification over the phone. You will still need one of the pieces of information that have been described for the online process (16 digit reference number from the tax disc renewal letter or 11 digital reference number from your log book).

You can also use the textphone to sort out your declaration if you suffer from hearing issues.

By Post

You have to make a SORN declaration by post if:

  • you have recently registered as the keeper of the vehicle and have received the V5C registration certificate in the current month
  • You are not registered as the vehicles keeper yet

To make a SORN declaration by post, you will need to complete a SORN application form (Form V890).

It is possible to make a SORN up to 2 calendar months in advance if you are going to do so by post, but if you are doing it so far in advance, you will need to enclose a letter to explain why you are doing it so early.

Once you have completed your SORN form, you will need to send it to:

SA99 1AR

Form V890

To complete the V890 form, you will need to enclose

  • The vehicle registration number
  • The date of SORN
  • The make of the vehicle
  • The model of the vehicle
  • Your signature
  • Details about yourself
    • Title or business name
    • Forenames
    • Surname
    • Address
    • Post Town
    • Postcode