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Manchester DVLA Office

DVLA Registered Office, Trafford House, Chester Road, Manchester, M32 0SL

The Manchester DVLA office occupied one of the multiple floors of Trafford House until December 2013. Today, the office block houses Aequitas Legal, Proxion Energy Group, and Access Digital, with additional office space owned by Bruntwood. Contacting the DVLA at this address isn’t a viable option since the Manchester DVLA office shut permanently several years ago.

Widespread closures occurred across the entire DVLA Local Office Network because the authority needed to rework itself and its budget. All 39 DVLA offices closed down, including Manchester as one of these locations. As of the start of 2014, the only office operated by the DVLA is the head office in Swansea. This DVLA centre processes everything, but you don’t need to actually go to the office to get things done.


Contact the Main DVLA Office

DVLA, Longview Road, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 7JL

Unless you live in South Wales, attending the office for a casual appointment is pretty much impossible. However, the target in reforming the DVLA was to make services more accessible for everybody. To do this, most of the DVLA’s services became widely available on their government-run website. Your best option is to check if you can fill out a form or submit a payment online first.

Some people consider face-to-face service to be faster and more satisfactory. If you’re one of them, feel free to look up your nearest Post Office to see if they offer the service you need. Around 4,000 Post Office branches provide in-person DVLA services, instead of a local DVLA office. Even so, sometimes you do just need to write a letter or send paperwork by post. In that case, you can find the specific address to send it to amongst the details on the Swansea DVLA page. Additionally, you can always call the number at the top of the page to contact DVLA customer services.