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Northampton DVLA Office

DVLA Registered Office, Riverside House, Riverside Way, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN1 5PE

The Northampton DVLA office inhabited the ground floor of Riverside House until country-wide DVLA office closures in 2013. Due to agency budget cuts, the DVLA moved its services online and to one physical office in Swansea. All 39 of the DVLA’s local offices consequently shut down for good, including Northampton.

Since then, the postcode of the address above changed from 5PE to 5NX. Today, Riverside House hosts the county council, Northampton Dialysis Unit, Victim Support, and Capita. Recently Barwood Capital acquired the five-floor office building in order to invest in a £1.2 million refurbishment. The particular area of Northampton will re-open to the public in September 2018 after renovation on the university campus finishes.

Unfortunately, the DVLA will not have an office in this refurbished building. While you can no longer attend the Northampton DVLA office to use their services, you can still contact the DVLA in other ways.

Contact the DVLA Main Office

DVLA, Longview Road, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 7JL

Sadly, if you live in Northampton you can’t visit an actual DVLA office unless you want to travel over 180 miles. The only remaining physical office currently resides in Swansea at the address shown above. For more information about the Swansea DVLA main office, you can click here. You can still contact the Swansea DVLA for help without having to go in person using the numbers on the page.

The easiest way to contact the DVLA is to call the customer services number located at the top of this page in green. They can tell you how to access the service you need, whether online or at a local Post Office branch. Or you can take a look at this list of DVLA helpline numbers and choose which one to call.