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Theale House DVLA Office

DVLA Registered Office, Building B, Theale House, Brunel Road, Theale, Reading, RG7 4AQ

Until 2013, Theale hosted a DVLA Office for the people who live in Reading. As of December 2013, all DVLA offices across the UK permanently closed down, including Theale. At the time of closure, the Theale office employed 23 workers. The DVLA offered the workers positions at the new main office, but unfortunately, not everyone could relocate.

Known as Theale House, the site of the old DVLA office in Theale is a contemporary office building with two floors. Today other companies occupy the offices at Theale House, including Clarify Solution Selling Ltd and Daly International. You can no longer visit or write to the above address for Theale DVLA Office for any purpose relating to the DVLA. If you need to contact the DVLA directly, then you will have to do so via the new Swansea headquarters, which is now the only DVLA office.


Contact the DVLA Main Office

DVLA, Longview Road, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 7JL

As the main DVLA office is now located at the above address in Swansea, this makes it quite difficult to pay a visit in person. If Theale DVLA was your local office, you now have other options for accessing DVLA services. To make enquiries and complaints, call DVLA customer services on the phone number shown in green at the top of this page.

Visit the Swansea DVLA page for more information about the Swansea Office, or read through the information provided on the main DVLA contact numbers page for all the individual helplines you might need. Since DVLA services are now available online and at many Post Office branches, call DVLA customer services on the aforementioned number to find out where you can go to access these services from closer to home.