Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail Their Driving Test

by Leila 0

Taking your driving test can be one of the most nerve racking experiences of your life. The examiner watches your every move to make sure that you do everything correctly, but what are the top ten reasons for failing the practical driving test? Let’s look at them in no particular order:

Inappropriate speed

You have to drive at a speed which is suitable for each type of road. Driving too slowly will be marked as a fault and as a consequence, this is one of the main reasons for failing a practical driving test.

Lack of steering control DVLA Licence Holder

You have to steer correctly for the speed that you are driving at, with enough control to maintain your road position. The tighter a turn is, the slower the speed.

Turn in the road

You should be able to carry out this type of manoeuvre, exercising good control with well rounded observation, including the rear view check on reversing.

Reversing around a corner

This is the exercise which requires reversing into a side road on the left. You must stay reasonably close to the kerb without hitting it or straying too wide.

Incorrect positioning

You must be in the correct position for the direction that you are taking. Move into the correct lane early and look out for road signs and markings.


Not signalling correctly is another way many people fail the test. This can include not providing a signal in good time so that other road users can understand your intentions, it could be a confusing signal which was applied too early or just not giving one when necessary.

Moving off safely Traffic Lights

This means failing to move off without full control or checking to see if it is safe properly. Check any mirrors and blind spots, without causing any issue to other road users.


Not looking in mirrors when it is necessary can be a big cause of a driving test fail. You need to use them before changing speed or direction, especially when you change lanes.

Reverse parking

Not performing a parking manoeuvre correctly is another reason why people fail their driving test. You must be accurate and use observation.

Observation at junctions

Lack of good observation at junctions is the main reason why people fail their driving test. You must give priority where it is necessary and not cause any other road users to change their speed or direction. You should also stop at stop signs to allow time for proper observation.

Now that you know the top 10 reasons why people fail their practical driving test, you know what not to do! Ashley Neal driving school can properly prepare you to take the test and get you your pink driving license from the DVLA.